Google Next 2017

Google Next 2017 was held in San Francisco March 8-10. Over the 3 days, the company rolled out more than 100 announcements of products and services. In addition, several key customers such as SAP, Ebay, HSBC were profiled. Overall, more than 10,000 people attended the event which was a dramatic increase over last year.

One of the overarching themes of this year's event is the deeper integration of machine learning with Google Cloud. It was exciting to witness the pace of innovation and deep commitment Google is making towards becoming the AI company of choice for a number of different business verticals. TensorFlow, the new ML Engine, Firebase extensions and greater leverage of Google's massive network infrastructure where just a few of the highlights that are of keen interest to Neuveo. To date, over $30B has been invested in Google Cloud and network infrastructure.

Here we go!